How is ADP converted into ATP?

1 Answer
Sep 8, 2017

ATP is formed by conversion of ADP in presence of inorganic phosphate and energy .


ATP and ADP are considered as currency of energy. ATP is Adenosine Triphosphate and ADP is Adenosine Diphosphate.

ADP and ATP are inter-convertible. ADP gets converted into ATP in presence of inorganic phosphate and energy, irrespective of whether the energy is obtained from sunlight or from certain exothermic reactions.

ATP is converted into ADP, releasing energy and inorganic phosphate. Energy released is utilized for different metabolic or other activities.

The conversion of ADP into ATP or vice versa occurs in presence of enzyme ATPase. The energy required for the conversion of ADP into ATP is obtained from light during photosynthesis and from exothermic reactions during cellular respiration in both plants and animals. ATP molecules are storage of energy and release energy whenever and wherever it is required.