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Sep 27, 2017

It is the sharing of power and decision making on various levels.


If we base our answer on the USA, then we can see what federalism is. The USA has a federal system of government. In Washington DC is the federal government . There are three branches the Legislature (Congress), the Judiciary (Supreme Court), and Executive (President).

Their powers are separated for example no member of the executive can be a member of the legislature. This indeed is known as The Separation of Powers and reflects the desire of the Founding Fathers to avoid any one branch becoming too powerful. As such they hoped to avoid the dictatorial experience they endured at the hands of the British.

As well as the Federal Government there are State Governments in each of the 50 states. Again there are three branches with a Governor, State Judiciary and State Legislature. So there are state laws and federal laws, and laws can vary significantly from state to state.

Again this reflected the American experience during the War of Independence and the fierce desire of states to maintain their independence and freedom from central federal control.