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Nov 2, 2017

Red and bright pink


First of all, different transitions in indicators depend on the pH range and not what is in the solution. The problem with the indicators is that they do not distinguish between acidic and basic medium, but rather between different pHs. A strong concentrated acid like HCl will make the pinkish color of the litmus, red, and it will make Methyl Orange bright pink or light red.

But here is what matters more than anything else: it all depends on the pH of the solution. For example, the transition range for Methyl Orange is 3.1 - 4.4. What that tells you is that if your solution has a ph of less than 3.1 it will be red, and if the pH is over 4.4, it will be a yellow color and NOT red, even if you had HCl in that solution. So learn to go off of the pH value of the solution and not just the compound(s) present in the solution.

Hope this helped (c: