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Nov 27, 2017

Have you considered cephalopods (squid and octopus)?


Your paper could be structured this way:

Intro Paragraph
A little background, some facts, etc.
Then end this paragraph with the thesis statement as a graceful lead-in to the first body paragraph: Cephalopods demonstrate
high invertebrate intelligence in four principal ways.
#larr# Thesis statement

1st body paragraph
One of the most interesting ways that cephalopods demonstrate high IQs is in their predatory skills.
(Use the first paragraph for your most intriguing point, whatever you think it should be.)

2nd body paragraph
Besides their predation, octopi and squid also demonstrate their high intelligence by their dexterity.

3rd body paragraph
But in addition to their dexterity and their predation techniques, cephalopods also exhibit an unusual degree of communication.
(Use this paragraph to bury your weakest or dullest point, whatever one you think it should be.)

4th body paragraph
But most of all, the intelligence of cephalopods is displayed in their use of tools.
(Use this paragraph for your strongest point, whichever you think it should be.)

Don't repeat your points.
Instead, reflect on what you have learned about invertebrate intelligence, what it means, etc -- something philosophical.

For each paragraph:
• Draw out your point and give examples.
• Find experts who agree with you and cite them exactly.
• Copy and paste images right on to your paper, so it looks like the pages of a textbook. Use PowerPoint for this, not Word. Use captions and titles for the images, Cite the sources exactly.
• If you can, provide clickable links to videos of their highly entertaining antics.
• Think up a creative title written in a pictorial font, with a straight-up descriptive title beneath it using regular font.

You can't cite Wiki, but you can find at the end of the article links to experts who you can cite. You can click on the links for the references that appear in the Wiki article like this #color(blue)([1])#