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Dec 5, 2017

See below.


As we know high excise duty is levied on the sale of alcoholic beverages. However, the rectified spirit sold for industrial purposes are much cheaper as the duty on them are normal. In order to prevent consumption of low priced rectified spirit (meant for industrial purposes, it is denatured #rarr#made unfit for drinking by adding small amount of poisonous substances like methyl alcohol, pyridine, or acetone and colouring matters such as #Cu(SO)_4#

This type of alcohol is known in the market under the name Methylated spirit .

Methylated spirit generally contains 4% methyl alcohol .
These substances though are very harmful for consumption do not interfere with the chemical properties and function of ethanol.

If denatured alcohol containing methanol as the agent is consumed, possible effects include nervous system and other organ damage, increased risk of cancer, and possibly death.