What angles do comets orbits make to the Earth's orbit and from what directions do they approach the Sun?

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Tilted .


Comets orbits are --Tilted ------- at every possible angle to earths orbit.They may approach from any direction?

Dec 13, 2017

Comets orbits are inclined at every possible angle to earths orbit. They may approach from any direction.


Most of the planets and other bodies in the solar system have orbits inclined at a few degrees from the Earth's orbit.

Comets are somewhat different. Some comets, which have short periods, originate in the region beyond Neptune. They typically have orbits close to that of the Earth.

Long period comets originate in the Oort Clod. This is a sphere of bodies very distant from the Sun. These bodies are icy in nature and if they have orbits which pass close to the Sun become comets. These comets can have orbits at any angle with respect to the Earth.

The term used to describe the relationship between two planes; such as orbits, is inclined.