Skeletal system is made up of bones. Enumerate various functions of these skeletal pieces?

1 Answer
Dec 17, 2017

Support, protection, movement, formation of blood cells, storage for many minerals, and energy reservoir


Support : bones provide a framework for our muscles and other tissues and give us a skeleton

Protection : Bones like the skull and rib cage protect our brain and internal organs respectively from injury, when a woman is pregnant, the pelvis protects the fetus/baby

Movement : muscles are just part of what makes us move, but they must have a structure to build on, which is where our bones come in. Our elbow joint, wrist joint, knee joint, ankle joint, etc. allows us to move.

Formation of blood cells : The bone contains bone marrow, where blood cells are produced.

Storage for minerals: Bones contain calcium and phosphorus, which are essential for our body's functioning, including muscle contraction, transmitting messages through our nerves, and the release of hormones.

Energy reservoir: Lipids, like fats are stored in the h