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Dec 21, 2017
  1. A
  2. B


  1. Looking at the verbal equation given to you (amount saved + amount left to save = cost), you can plug the information into it.

We know that the football costs a total of $65, so cost = 65.
We also know that you currently have $40 saved, so the amount
saved = 45.
The amount left to save is unknown, so lets replace that with x.

Now your equation should look something like this :
#40 + x = 65#

Since we know the equation, you can solve for x :

So the amount you need to save is 20. So the answer is A.

First let's see how much he makes on the icecreams when we subtract the ingredient costs:
#1.20-0.43=0.77# Each ice cream will earn him $0.77.

Taking this into consideration, we can make our inequality. We need to find how much icecream (which we will represent as x) and the price of the equipment rent, will be 0. So:


Note: I put a '>' for now so we know it has to be more than 0 in order for him to make a profit.

Let's isolate for x.

#26-0.77x>0 #


#(-0.77x)/-0.77> (-26)/-0.77#


So he will make a profit when he sell 33.77 ice cream. Since we can't make an ice cream 33.77, we can say that he has to sell ≥14 ice cream in order to make a profit. (If it's 13, then he will not be making profit)

Therefore, the answer is B