Why did the Big Bang occur?

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Jan 7, 2018

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"why did Big Bang happen?" , I think the question is yet beyond reach of science .
It feels uneasy while talking about Big Bang .
A week ago , i tried to mix up all what i knew about Big Bang, now it makes very little sense , but 2 days before something beautiful happened , i got to know the possibility of what might be Big Bang .
I would like to share my experience here , those are mentioned below :-

This all started with I asking myself , what is Big Bang ?

Is it a sudden explosion in very densely contracted matter? or
Evolution of the whole universe from absolutely nothing? or
Is it mixing up or binary fission of universes in multiverse (as suggested by " The Theory Of Everything ")?

The first choice made very little sense to me , I think there might not be a number of people who consider it to be a good choice except most of my classmates or say school mates , who yet think it is correct.

The #2^(nd)# & #3^(rd)# option makes more sense .
But on combination , again it turns that complex , I consider Social Studies and Hindi grammar to be .

But the beautiful thing that happened was that I thought of another question ,

"If there are many universes in the multiverse , where did they come from?"

Now i thought that the second option might possibly answer this .



The universes were formed from absolutely nothing , nothing is very unstable so it keeps on making anti-matter and matter which can annihilate each other (in our universe)
May be there might be "anti-dark energy and anti-dark matter" and so on .
May be the #3^(rd)# option is correct .


I won't say that this has been approved , so , i won't precisely pretend the the above information is correct but these are my views .
The question also seems to make less sense in Astronomy where boldly saying anything thing is as difficult as guessing which cat is alive in famous thought experiment of Schodinger's cat .

Answering why did Big Bang occur ? would require practical experience of so , that is " impossible" not here " i'm possible"

We can just try to accurately guess what happened in Big Bang .


Jan 10, 2018

No one can answer the why question for certain. One possibility is the second law of thermodynamics.


The big bang theory postulates a super dense ball of matter. This would be a highly organized low entropy formation. the law of entropy states that everything goes form order to disorder. in an closed system.

The law of entropy would cause this superdense ball to be unstable. Unstable atoms like U 235 separate into smaller particles releasing great amounts of energy. The super dense ball of matter would be even more unstable and would release immense inconceivable amounts of energy giving rise to our present universe.

The law of entropy continues to operate in the universe. The latest studies of supernovas (1997) provided empirical evidence that the rate of expansion of the universe is increasing. This means that the forces of entropy will be greater than the forces of gravity and that disorder in the universe will continue to increase until there is no universe. There will be no big crush or recreation of the superdense ball of matter.

All of this has philosophical implications. This means that the present universe of matter and energy is not eternal or self existent. Omega is greater than one which means that the universe is not a closed system but an open system. So something besides the matter and energy of the observed universe might exist.

The first law of thermodynamics states that the complex of matter and energy can neither be created or destroyed, only changed. As the universe will not, can not recycle, according to empirical evidence the question of where the superdense ball of matter came from is an open question.