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The answer is Yes!


Ribosomes are also known as factories of Proteins' synthesis

The reason for this is that ribosomes play an active role in the complex process of protein synthesis as they serve as the structures that facilitate the joining of amino acids.

Ribosomes are compose of an equal amount of #"protein & rRNA"#(ribosomal RNA). Each ribosome contain two subunits i.e larger subunits and smaller subunit. The process of protein synthesis involves two steps i.e transcription and translation. The second step i.e translation occurs in ribosomes. Let's hop into a bit detail:

  • In transcription, the specific nucleotides' sequence of gene on #DNA# molecule is transcribed into #"mRNA"# in the nucleus of cell. Thus, #"mRNA"# is actually a complementary transcript of that gene.

  • The #"mRNA"# carrying the nucleotide sequence move out of nucleus and step into ribosomes. In ribosomes, the nucleotides' sequence is translated into amino acid sequence by help of #"tRNA"# which read the genetic code and transport amino acids to ribosomes. #"rRNA"# that is present within the ribosomes join the amino acids together forming polypeptide chains of proteins.

Protein chains formed are transported into cytoplasm in order to perform their vital functions.

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