How to expand (x^2−2y)^6 using the binomial theorem?

1 Answer
Jan 16, 2018

See a solution process below

Here #color(white)(x)^n##C_r=[n!]/{r!(n-r)!}#
Similarly you can do for any value of n and r except the negative ones , you will require to first make n(power to which it is raised) positive .

see below for solution
I am not using #color(white)(x)^n##C_r=[n!]/{r!(n-r)!}# right now , i tried to use but in preview everything was messed , I think that would go a little difficult to understand . So , I'm using Pascal's Triangle .

Using this we get
Now only calculation part is left . I hope you will be able to do it .

If you face any difficulty then let me know in comments , i'll add calculation part .

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