Why should we identify environmental problems?

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Jan 17, 2018

So you can stop the problem becoming greater, which could further come to effect us.


The environments on planet Earth are all linked, no matter how far away from one another they are e.g. the Sahara desert's sand is blown all the way to the Amazon area and is thought to contain important nutrients which has contributed to the enormous rain forest.
Every problem in the environment will come to get us in the end, for example, we have polluted the ocean with plastic, this kills sea life and if it doesn't, like microplastics (microbeads) which are widely banned now, it slowly works it's way up the food chain, where we may eventually consume it and have plastic in us, which can cause all sorts of health problems such as cancer.

If we can then identify key environmental problems and act on it, we can stop the problem from becoming a catastrophe, with dire consequences which will effect us all one way or another- even if you don't care about the animals effected, it WILL effect you.

We can also give examples of when people don't care about a certain animal, for example the Vulture which is crucial in decomposition and the removal of dead carcasses from our landscape.
If people kill those, and some people do, often due to superstitions or fear of them killing/harming livestock, we often find disease increases as we have more and more decaying bodies lying around, which are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria as well as well as insects e.g. disease carrying flies.
This is why many wildlife organisations try to protect these species as they reduce disease.

We can also look at oil spills, and then combine them with the fact we get a lot of products and food from the sea, as well as the fact that they will spread in ocean currents around the world, and wont break down for millennia.

Sorry, I've gone on a bit, but I just needed to highlight mostly all examples of environmental problems we could face if we don't look after our environment and fix them.

Hope this helps and is 'quick enough'.