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What is $4068.80 rounded to the closest cent?

2 Answers
Jan 28, 2018


It is already!


Assuming you are asking for #$4068.80#:

#$4068.80# to the nearest cent is the same thing as rounding #4068.80# to the nearest hundredth (because #1c=$0.01#)

#4068.80# to the nearest hundredth is #4068.80#

#:.$4068.80# to the nearest cent is #$4068.80#.

Jan 28, 2018


See below


For calculating the nearest cent ,you need to see the digit in the ten's place.

If the digit is less than 5, then decrease the number by hundred.

Ex- Let the number be 524.5

So, in this case answer is 500.

If the digit is greater than or equal to 5, increase the number by hundred.

Ex- Let the number be 5789.8

So, in this case the answer is 5800.

In your case, the digit is 6 means greater than five.

Thus, the answer is 4000.00