Discuss the role of abiotic factors in living organisms?

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Feb 11, 2018


See below :


  • The abiotic factors like temperature, soil, water ,atmospheric pressure, light, chemical components provide ideal living condition.
    -Let us discuss these factors one by one :
  • WATER: Water is called as Lifeblood of earth . It plays a crucial role in life of any organism . Like human body is consist of 75 % of water , with 90% of blood being water. Water helps in good functioning of digestive system , circulatory system etc. All the aquatic forms are totally dependent upon water.

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  • TEMPERATURE : Temperature is one of the major factor . All the organisms survive at a particular range of temperature or between the minimum and maximum range of temperature. Those organisms whose body temperature fluctuates with the surrounding temperature are called as Cold blooded organisms . Those organisms which can maintain their own body temperature are known as Warm blooded organisms. example: mammals.

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  • LIGHT: Light is the main source of energy. Because of light, plants make their food by process called as photosynthesis . Then. The plants are eaten by animals as food . The whole food chain is based upon plants ( means indirectly on the light ).

www.cloudfront. net The intensity of light also effects the skin colour, sensitivity, sight etc. Insects also use UV light to distinguish between flowers.

  • ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE: All organisms can survive only at particular range of air pressure. When air pressure is low, especially in high altitudes some may find it difficult to breathe because of insufficient amount of oxygen present at height. So , air pressure matters a lot .

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- CHEMICAL COMPONENTS :C, H,N,O are the natural elements that constitutes about 97% of molecules of life. Out of 92 known elements, 25 elements are found on living organisms.

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- SOIL :As we know that plants are the main source of energy .and plants grow in soil so, soil is also a major abiotic component . The fertility of soil varies from place to place . Water has water retention capacity. So, the ground water is used by human beings in their daily life for various activities .

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Thus , abiotic factors play a major role in life and animals depend on abiotic factors in many ways.

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