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They decrease and increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, respectively.


Photosynthesis removes carbon dioxide from the air

#6"CO"_2 + 6"H"_2"O" -> "C"_6"H"_12"O"_6 + 6"O"_2#

Aerobic respiration adds carbon dioxide to the air

#"C"_6"H"_12"O"_6 + 6"O"_2 -> 6"CO"_2 + 6"H"_2"O"#

Aerobic respiration occurs in animals, plants, and decomposers.

If you look at a diagram of the carbon cycle, you will see that for photosynthesis there is an arrow going away from the atmosphere to show that #"CO"_2# is removed from the air, whilst processes requiring respiration will have arrows pointing towards the air to show the movement of #"CO"_2# towards the atmosphere.