A 1.0 ounce piece of chocolate contains 15 mg of caffeine, and a 6.0 ounce cup of regular coffee contains 105 mg of caffeine. How much chocolate would you have to consume to get as much caffeine as you would from 2.0 cups of coffee?

1 Answer
Jun 21, 2015

You'd need to consume 14 pieces of chocolate to get the same amount of caffeine.


The first thing you need to do is determine exactly how much caffeine you get from 2.0 cups of coffee.

#2.0cancel("cups") * "105 mg caffeine"/(1cancel("cup")) = "210 mg caffeine"#

Next, determine how many ounces of chocolate would contain that much caffeine

#210cancel("mg caffeine") * "1.0 oz chocolate"/(15cancel("mg caffeine ")) = "14 oz chocolate"#

Finally, since you know that you get 1.0 oz per piece of chocolate, you'd need to consume

#14cancel("oz chocolate") * "1 piece"/(1.0cancel("oz chocolate")) = color(green)("14 pieces")#