A car repair shop charged $80 per hour for labor and $210 for the parts of a car. If the total cost was $490, how many hours did it take to repair the car?

2 Answers
Nov 25, 2016

#3 1/2#hours


Here total cost is $490 and cost of the parts is $210.
So, total repair charge = $490-$210 = $280.

Repair shop charges $80 for 1 hour labor.
Therefore no. of hours required to repair the car = #$280-:$80 = 3 1/2# hours

Nov 25, 2016

#3 1/2"hours"#


Subtract the cost of parts from total cost. This will leave us with the cost of labour.

#rArr$490-$210=$280larr" cost of labour"#

Dividing cost of labour by $80 will give the number of hours spent on repairing the car.

#rArr280/80=3.5larr" number of hours"#

Thus #3.5" or " 3 1/2" hours spent on repairing the car"#