A car travels 720 miles at 60 mph. How long did it take the car to travel the distance?

2 Answers
Mar 14, 2018

12 hours


Use dimensional analysis:

#(720 cancel"miles")/1*(1 "hour")/(60cancel"miles")=(12 "hours")/1#

As you can see, when we use dimensional analysis we take the original number (720 miles) and multiply it by forms of one. In this case, we knew that 60 miles equaled 1 hour. We use this as a form of 1 to multiply our original number by.

Mar 14, 2018

It'll take the car #12# hours.


Well, we have the distance and speed, and so we can figure out time by using the equation,

#d=vt, :.t=d/v#

So, we got:


#=12 \ "h"#