A cylinder with a movable piston contains a 2.0-liter sample of neon at gas at STP. What is the volume of this of this sample when its temperature is increased to 30. deg C while its pressure is decreased to 90. kilopascals?

1 Answer
Mar 29, 2018


#1"mol" = 22.4"L"# for most gases, and

#PV = nRT#

We're looking to calculate the new volume of the sample (via the ideal gas law) when heat is added and pressure is subtracted from the isolated system.



#V = (2.0"L" * "mol"/(22.4"L") * (0.08206"L" * "atm")/("mol" * "K") * 303"K")/(90"kPa" * ("atm")/(101.3"kPa")) approx 2.5"L"#

is the new volume of the gas within this isolated system.