A hallway measuring 90 feet by 7 feet requires 1/2 a fluid ounce of cleaning solution per square foot. How much cleaning solution is required to clean the hallway?

1 Answer
Jul 14, 2016


315 fluid ounces


The area of the hallway floor is found using the formula for the area of a rectangle (we can do it with integration but there's no point in such a simple case).

#"area" = "length"*"breadth"#

#A =lb#

#A = 90ft*7ft = 630ft^2#

Amount of cleaning solution required given by:

#"Amount" = "Amount per sq ft"*"Number of sq ft"#

#"Amount" = 0.5 ("fl oz")/(ft^2) * 630ft^2 = 315"fl oz"#