A man is sitting in a train in motion and faces the engine.He tosses a coin ,the coin falls BEHIND him.......explain...? And a particle with negative acceleration is speeding in SHM?..

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Oct 9, 2017

I tried this:


In the first case the only thing I can think of is that the train is accelerating so that the coin leaves your hand with a certain velocity (that remains fixed) BUT the train (and you sitting in it) accelerates changing its speed during the time the coin is flying so that after a certain time the train moved further than the coin.

In the second case I can think of a block and spring system on a table. The block is displaced from the equilibriom position so that a resoring force (from the spring) tends to move it back to the equilibrium point. When the block is released it will move accelerating and increasing its velocity. Have a look at the picture:

enter image source here

Hope it is not confusing.