A pack of 36 cards includes 20 numbered cards from 6 to 10 inclusive, 4 aces and 12 picture cards. If a hand of 5 cards is selected at random, how do you find the probability of receiving at least 2 aces?

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Let's first see that if I do this, I can say:

Hands with 0 Aces + Hands with 1 Ace + Hands with 2 Aces + Hands with 3 Aces + Hands with 4 Aces = All possible hands

And so we can work this by adding up the hands with 2, 3, and 4 aces, or we can find all possible hands and subtract out hands with 0 and 1 ace. Since they're the same amount of work, I'll do the subtraction method (it being more interesting).

The number of All possible hands is combination of 36 pick 5:


The number of hands with 0 aces means we have 0 aces from the 4 available and we have 5 cards from the 32 remaining:


And the number of hands with 1 ace means we have 1 ace from the 4 available and 4 cards from the remaining 32:


This gives:



Since this might seem like a very small number compared to what we've found so far, let's work out the hands with 2, 3, and 4 aces:

2 aces:


3 aces:


4 aces: