A significant drop in the upper atmospheric content of ozone is likely to lead to an increase in what?

1 Answer
May 7, 2017

A drop in ozone leads to an increase in destructive cosmic radiation reaching the earth's surface.


Ozone # O_3# is an unstable isomer of Oxygen usually #O_2#.
When high energy cosmic radiation hits Ozone, the Ozone can absorb the radiation by breaking down into normal Oxygen.

When there is not sufficient levels of Ozone the harmful radiation can reach the earth's surface in higher concentrations causing negative health effects in plants, animals and humans.

A hole in the Ozone layer has been occurring over parts of South America. This whole in the Ozone is thought to have been caused by chemical released into the atmosphere by pressurized cans of Flourine and Chlorine compounds in air spray and other products.

The result of the hole in the Ozone has been increased rates of Cancer in the people who lived underneath the depleted Ozone layer. Without the isomer of Oxygen #O_3# life on the surface of the earth would be much harsher and quite likely impossible.