A square garden has fourteen posts along each side at equal interval. Find how many posts are there in all four sides? Please explain in detail.

1 Answer
Aug 12, 2018

All four sides would have fourteen posts along them as they are equal. But the post at each corner is one of the fourteen for both connecting sides. Imagine each side has a post in each corner and twelve along the side. Four sides with twelve plus the four at the corners makes 52 posts.

Or if you start counting them you have 14 on the first side, as you turn the corner and start counting the next set of posts, the first one has already been counted so you have 13. As you turn the next corner, again the first one is accounted for so you have 13 again. On the last side the first AND the last have already been included so you would count only 12 posts.
14+13+13+12=52 posts