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A standard pair of six sided dice is rolled. What is the probability of rolling a sum less than or equal to 10?

2 Answers
Feb 8, 2017


the probability is #1/12#


You will get 36 possible cases with two sided dices :

(1,1), (1,2),(1,3),...,(64),(6,5),(6,6)

but only these ones will give you a sum less than equal to 10:


Then the probability is:


Feb 9, 2017


#P( "sum" le 10) = 11/12#


There are 36 possible combinations from the two dice which are listed in this table:

enter image source here

The combination where the sum is less than or equal to 10 are coloured, and so

#P( "sum" le 10) = (36-3)/36 = 33/36 = 11/12#