A textbook weighs 58.8 N on Earth. What is the mass of the textbook?

1 Answer
Jun 25, 2016

The textbook has a mass of 5.99kg.


Because we are on earth the acceleration due to gravity will have a value of 9.81 #m/s^(2)#

Now to fully answer the question we will have to use Newton's 2nd law of motion equation:


We know the acceleration and force so all we have to do is solve for m by rearranging the equation:

(I'm going to change Newtons into this from so I can cancel out certain units, it means the same thing).


#F/a = m#

#m = (58.8 kgxxcancelm/cancels^(2))/(9.81 cancelm/cancels^(2))#

#m = 5.99 kg#