Alfred Wegener said that earth's continents are moving. Which evidence supports this theory?

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Dec 24, 2017

The geomorphology and geology of opposite continents


The main supporting clues that Wegener used were the geomorphological shape of the opposing continents across the Atlantic. Further evidence derived from the study of the continental shelf below the sea; the matching geometry is even better than the one of the emerged shoreline.

Another strong supporting evidence is the presence of rocks of identical geological origin on different continents. It is actually possible to follow the strata limits on landmasses that now are separated by oceans. It is a strong clue that once these masses belonged to the same continent.

Finally fossils of terrestrial animals have been identified in areas that are separated by oceans. As explanation was supposed the existence of "land bridges" that allowed the migration. These "bridges" did not exist; the animals were instead living on the same continent before it was separated by the tectonic forces and the different sections drifted away.