Are 2-phenylethanamine and Phenylethylamine the same compound just different name?

1 Answer
Jun 9, 2018

Entirely the same


I will save you the longer explanation and just tell you what the 2 means in front.

And to note: the IUAPC acknowledges the proper name for Phenethylamine as 2-Phenylethan-1-amine

enter image source here

As you can see above this benzene is numbered 1-6, and then if you see the phenethylamine, it has a carbon chain located at the 2. Now why does the IUAPC name have "-1-amine" at the end? Well the carbon chain only has 1 group that can be free to react and therefore the "-1-amine" is just a proper way of saying that the phenethylamine has a carbon chain on the Carbon 2 location in the phenyl ring but also has an amine located on the Carbon one on that very same chain. Except we don't say that in actual conversation. g


Sorry about the "g" being separate from the first link, if I added it, it would have just shown the same image twice.