Are our actions random? I mean we respond to something like let's say you did any task for no reason so like lifted a chair.

So, are these actions really random and probalistic or pre determine? If random, what causes such randomness

Is it the alignment of particles that make up everything we see around us?

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Mar 30, 2018

Neither random nor pre determined.


According to what has been studied and found so far, actions are of two types:-

#1.# Voluntary actions

#2.# Involuntary or random actions.

Voluntary actions are result of our thinking and understanding .

But the random ones just come out of us all of a sudden. These spontaneous actions might be a cause of some environmental stimulus, like withdrawal of hand when something hot is touched.

As in the example given in question that someone lifts a chair all of a sudden without any reason. Well lifting of this chair might not be so devoid of any reason as it is being thought to be so.

That person lifts chair either because he feels, sees, hear or senses anything in the environment around him. But if it is not so, then his action is pre planned in his brain.

Not all our actions are random.
The ones arising from external trigger might be random, but not the ones which we do by properly thinking.

So what causes thinking? Thinking is also an action. Is thinking spontaneous and arises out of nothing ? Obviously not.

There is surely a mechanism behind it. We are aware of the different parts of brain performing different functions, but it is yet not clear how do they perform those functions.

This is the basic quest of Neuroscience to understand how actually Brain functions.

Thinking is actually a chain of thoughts that arise in our brain one after the other.

Some thoughts are more often than other. This is the cause of our experiences. The more we experience one kind of thoughts the more they arise in our brain.

The creation of thoughts within our brain might be the cause of the molecular, atomic or sub atomic constitution of the cells of the brain. May be it is this constitution that decides what kind of thoughts to be arises at some particular time.

But the exact mechanism is still beyond the apprehension of human mind.

The conclusion is that not all actions are random, because some actions are a result of our thinking which is not at all random.

Hope it helps :)