Are reviewers still featuring answers?

Are reviewers still featuring answers or is this now pointless if the site is to become read only.

1 Answer
Jul 5, 2018



Answer featuring was already suspended for the summer when the announcement that the website will become a read-only version was made, so there's a good chance that it will remain that way until the very end.

The plan was to give reviewers a break from reviewing from mid-June to early August because, during this period, the number of answers posted on the website is at its lowest.

In light of the aforementioned announcement, answer reviewing will most likely remain suspended. I wouldn't go so far as to call post-announcement reviewing as pointless, but truth be told, it doesn't seem fair to ask people to continue to do that.

Moreover, the team will most likely look to deactivate the tools used to feature answers in the coming weeks anyway, as they will not be needed after August 15. At some point in the next month, a review of all the answers that have been featured will take place as well.