Are there equivalent expressions for "eagle-eyed" for senses other than sight?

Preferably something better than "bat-eared" for example.

2 Answers
Apr 29, 2017

This is an description of the abilities of the Eagle metaphorically applied to a person.


He had the memory of an Elephant. She leaped like a Gazelle. You have the right idea with Bat-eared by the physicality of a Bat comes to mind rather than its ability to hear. Bunny-eared describes the physicality of the Rabbit.

"A hound like sense of smell" needs the whole description rather than "Smells like a Hound". Hound-nosed might work. Cow-eyed has been used.

May 6, 2017

I came up with:

  • to have a nose like a bloodhound
  • to be/have a "super sniffer"

...and not much else.