Are these adjectives or adverbs?

he OFTEN rides his bike into town
his new bike is VERY fast
he arrived much LATER than usual
He rides his bike so INCREDIBLY carelessly I am surprised he doesn't fall off
She rides her bike with INCREDIBLE care
he is GOOD
he is WELL

1 Answer
Mar 21, 2018

An adjective describes a noun / pronoun whereas adverb describes a verb.


1.He often rides his bike into town.
Adverb, It describes how frequently he rides his bike to the town.

2.His new bike is very fast.
Adjective, It describes his bike.

3.He arrived much later than usual.
Adverb, It describes how late he arrived than usual.

4.He rides his bike so incredibly carelessly I am surprised he doesn't fall off.
Adverb, It describe the adjective "carelessly".

5.She rides her bike with incredible care.
Adjective, It describes her care for the bike.

6.He is good.
Adjective, It describes how he is.

7.He is well.
Adjective, It describes his state of being.

Hope this helps :)