As the direction of electronic in the circut Is from negative terminal to positive terminal of battory so how can it possible for an electron to move from the low potential to high potential in the external circut not inside the battory?

1 Answer
Feb 28, 2018

If I'm understanding your question correctly, the difference is between current flow and electron flow.


There is a lot of confusion between current flow and electron flow and it goes all the way back to when Benjamin Franklin was experimenting with electricity.

He labelled current flow as going from positive to negative. So, if you look at a standard circuit diagram, you'll see arrows pointing out of the positive side of the voltage source and into the negative. A huge cause of this confusion is that no one in his time knew about the structure of the atom or about electrons.

What really happens, as we know now, is that electrons flow from the negative terminal (where they are repelled) to the positive terminal (where they are attracted). So, electron flow is actually in the opposite direction of how current flow is labelled.

I hope that helps.