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At the bulk food store, Stacey bought 7 pounds of nuts. She used 8 ounces of nuts in a recipe and then made small bags to use for snacks. If each small bag contained 4 ounces of nuts, how many small bags of nuts did Stacey make?

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Sarah Share
Mar 12, 2018


After subtracting 8 ounces from 7 pounds, divide the number of remaining ounces by 4 to get the total number of bags.
Final answer : 26


There are 16 ounces in a pound. After using 8 ounces in a recipe, there are 6.5 pounds left. Multiple #6.5 * 16# ounces, to find the total number of ounces left for the small bags. Then divide the number of ounces by 4, to get the total number of bags made.

#16 *6.5=104#

#104/4= 26#

26 small bags is nuts.

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