Behaghu is 40 years old and her son is twice her daughter’s age. Behaghu will be thrice her son’s age when her daughter is 12 years old. How old will Behaghu be when her 2 children’s combined age equals to her age?

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Sep 25, 2016

Behaghu will be 68 years old. See image


I have used a different technique to solve this problem leveraging what is termed "Bar Model" a problem solving technique used in Singapore. It allows to capture the problem statement using a bar a unit bar model. The technique hinges on computing the bar unit that as glue to the algebraic relationships, but no algebra as we know is used (well technically 4u+24=40 is algebra so a small pert of algebra). But note it collapses this relatively cumbersome problem to simple model that pre-algebra student can easily tackle.
It maybe instructive to construct the problem algebraically and verify the answer using algebra.

A couple of things I did like about this technique, I had to use Visio, yuck!

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