Bianca is making scarves to sell. She has 33 pieces of blue fabric, 37 pieces of green and 41 pieces of red. If she uses 3 pieces of fabric to make 1 scarf, how many scarves can she make?

1 Answer
Sep 23, 2017

See below.


The question seems too obvious. Maybe it should be how many scarves can be made using the three different colours in each scarf?

For just the number of scarves regardless of colour it is:

Total number of pieces of fabric divided by the amount of fabric in each scarf.

#33 + 37 + 41 = 111#

#111/3 = 37#

37 scarves

For scarves made of the three different colours we divide the green fabric by 3. Since we have the least amount of this, it will determine how many scarves can be made.

Green fabric = 37 pieces.

#37/3 = 12.333.....#

12 scarves

There are even more different possibilities to the question.