Bonifacio works 40 hours per week as a customer service representative. If he made $17,680 last year, how much was he paid per hour?

1 Answer
Jul 27, 2017

See a solution process below:


Assuming a 52 week year, we can determine the total number of hours Bonifacio worked last year by evaluating:

#52 "weeks" xx (40 "hours")/"week" =>#

#52 color(red)(cancel(color(black)("weeks"))) xx (40 "hours")/color(red)(cancel(color(black)("week"))) =>#

#52 xx 40" hours" =>#

#2080" hours"#

If he made a total of $17,680 we can determine how much he was paid per hours by evaluating:

#($17680)/(2080" hours") => ($8.50)/"hour"#

Assuming a 52 week year, Bonifacio was paid $8.50 per hour.