Can a Lewis structure be drawn for any bonded molecule?

1 Answer
Nov 14, 2015

Usually, but the formalism is generally applied to bog standard 2 centre, 2 electron bonds.


Even for carbon chemistry, we have difficulty accurately representing the skeletal formula of benzene. English A levels have prescribed a hexagon and an enscribed circle; at undergraduate level 1,3,5-cyclohexatriene would be represented. These representations are of course formalisms, by which I mean a prescribed or traditional form within the discipline (do I really mean that? I stole that definition off a dictionary site, let me try again).

Carbon chemistry traditionally represents molecules as catenated #C-C# systems, #CH_2# and #CH# chains. We can usually apportion the electrons to support this scheme of bonding. For, say diborane, #B_2H_6#, we would have to resort to 2 centre, 3 electron bonds to represent bonding in the molecule. Saturated carbon chemistry can generally be represented by 2 centre, 2 electron bonds.