Can anyone come up with an original chiasmus?

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Jul 7, 2016

See explanation for an example.


Here's a chiastic acrostic I put together some time ago, which relates to various scriptures:

All the heavens declare your glory.
Love and mercy come from you.
Lead us in your ways!
Everything belongs to you,
Lord of all.
Uncover the old paths!
Justice and peace flow from your throne.
All the earth praises your name.

This is in a structure A B C D E E' D' C' B' A'.

Even the middle two lines taken on their own are chiastic:

Everything / belongs to / you,
Lord / of / all.

...forming an A B C C' B' A' pattern.

Thematically, it's a meditation on the Hebrew loan word "hallelujah", which roughly translates as "praise the Lord". At the very centre of the chaismus are the words "you, Lord". Apart from their value as memory aids, chiasms are supposed to draw you into the central core.

On the outside of the structure are the external louder aspects of worship. The central core is the focus.