Can I get some help please? I really appreciate that and thank you!

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Aug 24, 2017

Here's what I get.



#underbrace("H"_2"O""(l)")_color(red)("more dense") ⇌ underbrace("H"_2"O""(s)")_color(red)("less dense")#

Le Châtelier's Principle states that when a stress is applied to a system at equilibrium, the system responds in such a way as to relieve the stress.

Thus, when you apply pressure to ice, it responds in such a way as to decrease the pressure.

The position of equilibrium moves in a direction that will decrease the volume.

Water is denser than ice, so a given mass of water has a smaller volume than the same mass of ice.

Hence, ice melts when pressure is applied to it.


#2"H"_2"O" ⇌ "H"_3"O"^"+" + "OH"^"-"#

#K_text(w) = ["H"_3"O"^"+"]["OH"^"-"] = 1.219 × 10^"-14"#

#["H"_3"O"^"+"]^2 = 1.219 × 10^"-14"#

#["H"_3"O"^"+"] = sqrt(1.219 × 10^"-14") = 1.104 × 10^"-7"#

#"pH" = "-log"(1.104 × 10^"-7") = 6.96#