Can Socratic implement a mentioning system like the one that Google+/Twitter/GitHub uses?

2 Answers
Feb 25, 2015

Hey guys, this is something we're thinking about building. I'm curious what exactly you guys have in mind - please add your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!

Feb 25, 2015

I think a system like this would really help connect members of the community and help us get to know one another better.

As I use the site every day — reading answers, making edits, adding comments when I see something interesting or that makes me smile — I often think of a specific person.

I'll read a new answer in Chemistry and think, hmm, I wonder what Ernest's take on this would be? I'll see a question from a new contributor about how to add graphs and I'll think, yep, Sally could probably answer this.

In these moments, I always wish I could @ mention the person I'm thinking of so that they would get a notification and get involved in the conversation if they wish.

What do you all think? What other uses would there be for an @ mentioning system?