Can someone explain the difference between an adjective and adverb?

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Mar 27, 2018

Adjective says about noun, adverb --raises questions--when , where and how.



Rico type writer machine.

From hundred years up, type machine was invented, correct.

There are thousand brands might be type machines now in the world, many are now electric machines.

But we narrows to one that is RICO.

It explicit one machine brand among many, I mean separated from all --one---RICO, it is called adjective.

Another example, we are waiting for John in the airport who will be arrived from Bonn to Dhaka today morning. We are a bit late too, we asked our one colleague who came before us, does he arrive by this time?

My colleague says, yes, he is there, the tall man taking with the porter! ( assume among 500 other people around us.)

Immediately, we can identify one among many other people ( noun) that is ADJECTIVE---TALL.

But , we say--

John has arrived at the airport safely.

This sentence's "safely" word asks how he arrives here?

Answer is SAFELY. it is an adverb.

It indicates the verb --arrived.

One point---adverb indicates ---verb, adjective and itself too, that is the difference between adverb and adjective, latter one indicates/modifies only a noun.

another one.
John has arrived at the airport so safely.

Look, so is an adverb here---indicates another adverb ---safely.

One point: All ly suffix might not be an adverb.

Like: manly, cowardly --these are adjectives.

We must understand the grammar by morphology day by day as grammar is almost math like many grammarians say.

Problem is for EXCEPTION and grammar is an art too or conventional issue too, area to area.

(Who is there--any educated American will answer---It is me!
Convention is ok, but GRAMMAR IS INCORRECT! Answer is It is I. )

You must be careful right there.

Like---varsity but why university?

Like ---sincerely yours, where is verb, adjective or another adverb here?

However, unless ones are articulate in basic, it is not a prudent thought to think about more exceptions.

Practice them all, day by day then you can explain all like me or other authenticated English teachers.

It doesn't mean a teacher does not make any mistake, they occasionally do---QUESTION TO WHAT EXTENT!

(I am a life long learner of English grammar )