Can someone help me please? I answered one of them but I would like someone to check it as well. For the other two, I honestly not sure how to do it. Thanks!

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Aug 24, 2017


A solution is saturated when the dissolved solid in the solution is in equilibrium with the undissolved solute. This can be checked by adding more #"KNO"_3#, the solute, into the solution.

  • If it DOES dissolve, the solution is unsaturated.
  • If it does NOT dissolve, the solution is saturated. This may be hard to notice.
  • If the solution suddenly crystallizes (you'd be able to tell), then it is supersaturated and you had disturbed a metastable state.

Now try putting it into your own words. This answer is also great for further reading.


You're on the right track. I would go one step further and say that water is polar.

Just because gasoline is nonpolar doesn't mean it wouldn't dissolve in water. It must also be the case that water is polar.


Perspiration is the generation of sweat that absorbs heat. A hot day would of course radiate heat onto you, so the sweat absorbs the heat and evaporates, keeping your body cooler than it would be if it could not sweat at all.