Can someone help me please?

Create a working bibliography using the note cards below. Provide 2-3 sentences summarizing why you believe this particular source is a valid and reliable enough to be included as part of scientific research paper. In other words, explain why this source will provide you with good information that you can count on being true and unbiased.

1 Answer
Sep 14, 2017

I'm not quite sure what the question is asking.


The four references are identical. If you are asking how they could be used as a valid and reliable source, you could have an answer as follows.

The cards require you to provide the name of source, author, date accessed and validity and reliability.

In each instance you are providing detailed information of the source the validity and reliability of which can verified. For example you are obliged to provide both the author and the name of the work you are referring to. This in itself can be checked to see if it is genuine. You can also use this information to access reviews, evaluation or analyses of the source. This will allow you further to test the validity and reliability of the source.

Finally you cold clearly demonstrate an understanding of what validity and reliability specifically mean in terms of research and apply these definitions in your evaluation of the sources.