Can the theory of evolution and religion coexist?

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Oct 2, 2014

It depends on the religious viewpoint towards evolution if the two can coexist.

Some religions accept the theory of evolution and some do not.

Some religions believe in a "young Earth" and do not accept the idea that the Earth and the universe are as old as science says they are.

It is best if evolution and creationism are studied separately. Otherwise there is constant conflict and neither side will understand the opposing side.

Mar 10, 2015

Well, the Pope believes in evolution.

Yes. Some religions do but many do not.

Aug 9, 2018

This depends on the definitions and world view of both the evolutionists and the religion.


Most people who accept Darwin's theory of evolution that is descent with modification follow a world view of material realism. This world view a priori rules out any possibility of the existence of God or the supernatural. Some with a Deist world view can accept that God might have had something to do with the creation of life and the universe but can have no measurable effect on the world in the present. These world views are not compatible with any religion that believes in the supernatural or God.

Some people believe in theistic evolution. These people try to reconcile religion with Darwinian evolution. The idea that God directs the evolution of living things allowing for the movement of live from the simple to the complex. Most evolutionist reject this compromise that goes against the goal of explaining all the universe totally by natural causes.

The world view of material realism is not compatible with religion.
which accepts the existence of a supernatural that is actively involved in the universe.

Evolution in the general sense that living things can change and adapt is compatible with religion. There is substantial observational evidence that adaptive evolution does occur. The idea that all life originated from the material universe and has progressed totally by natural causes is not supported by direct empirical evidence.

It is not the scientific evidence between what is directly observed about evolution but the philosophical world views that is the incompatibility between Darwinian evolution ( descent with modification) and most religions.