Can u help me find the rate of change for the situation? A chef cooks 9 lbs of chicken for 36 people and 17 lbs of chicken for 68 people?

1 Answer
Jul 31, 2018

The rate of change is 0.25 lbs per person


Weight of chicken per person:

A). #(9"lbs")/(36"people") = 9/36 = 0.25 "lbs/person"#

B). #(17"lbs")/(68"people") = 17/68 = 0.25 "lbs/person"#

Both situations cook the same amount of chicken per person so the amount of chicken (Ch) to cook for #N# people is

#Ch = 0.25 N # lbs
(where Ch and N are variables related by the constant 0.25)

The rate of change is #0.25# lbs per person