Can u please explain red giant,white dwarf,quasars and black hole?

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Jun 22, 2018

#color(red)"Red Giants"# , #color(pink)"White Dwarfs"# , Quasars and Black Holes are all part of this infinite universe.


#color(red)"Red Giants:-"#

One of the largest kind of stars which are also one of the most oldest star of the universe. They have a very high luminosity. Their radius is 200 times that of our sun. But they have a lower surface temperature i.e. 5000 K. As their name suggests they are red-orange in color. MIRA is an example of a red giant.
Here is its image:-

#color(pink)"White Dwarfs"#

A low mass star which has consumed its hydrogen and helium with approximately 8 times the mass of the sun is a white dwarf. They are having a higher mass and are often regarded as the densest form of matter. The nearest White Dwarf is Sirius B which is at a distance of 8 ly away from earth.

Here is the image of Sirius B:-


A galatic nucleus which is also having high luminosity is a quasar.
They emit high amounts of energy. They normally contain a black hole in the middle of them. They normally form a gaseous ring like structure around the black hole and are one of the brightest objects in the universe.

One of the closest quasar to earth is ULAS J1120+0641.

Here is its image:-

Black Holes

They are better known as one of the darkest objects in the universe. They have a very high rate of gravitational attraction. Light cannot even escape it. Not even electromagnetic radiation.
It is formed when a star is at its last stage.As light cannot escape it still black holes are a very mystery to us.