Can you explain as well? The question is in the picture below.

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Mar 13, 2018



Example. If the original pricing is £10 per ticket and say 60 tickets are sold then the total amount received is £600.
Applying the 10% gives each ticket at £9 and the total tickets sold is 72 totaling sales at 648
This increase is in the amount as a percentage is 8%
Now if we change the original pricing to £8 and the number of tickets to 20 sales equal £160.
Making the discounted price to £7.20 and the new amount of tickets to 24, this would total £172.8 it would equal 8% again.

Put into Algebra form 0.9A x 1.2B = 1.08C

Where A is ticket price B number of tickets sold and C is total sales for the undiscounted amounts.