Can you give me some examples of ellipsis (the leaving out of a word or words in a sentence, which would make it complete or correct)?

1 Answer
Dec 19, 2017

See below!


Let's focus on the more commonly known example of ellipsis. This is when a writer uses "..." to leave out a word or words in a sentence.

  1. "He took your phone. And...?"
  2. "Well... that's not true."

These examples show a writer leaving out whole words or phrases in a sentence. The "[ ]" contain the word/words that were left out of the sentence.

  1. I bought the fluffy pillow and she [bought] the blue jumper.
  2. I will buy the fluffy pillow and you can [buy the fluffy pillow] too.
  3. I had ordered myself 3 chocolate brownies and Valentina [ordered] one.