Can you help me with Periodic Trends?

#IE_1#:896 kJ/mol
#IE_2#:1752 kJ/mol
#IE_3#:14,807 kJ/mol
#IE_4#:17,948 kJ/mol
1. It is often said that all of chemistry is governed by electrostatic interactions. What do you
think holds the electrons of Mg to its nucleus?
2. Why do you think the ionization energy for Mg increases as you go from# I_1# to #I_4#?
3. Why do you think there is such a large difference between the 2nd and 3rd ionization energies of Mg?

1 Answer
Feb 26, 2018

See below


  1. the #+# charge of the nucleus

  2. As electron lost effective nuclear charge increases; shielding of inner electrons decreases and distance from electrons to nucleus decreases.

  3. Big jump in I.E. indicates a change of major shell. Here going from 3rd shell to 2nd shell.

The key factors determining IE are distance [from nucleus], shielding [number of inner electrons] and charge [on nucleus i.e. excess protons over electrons].